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I'm an incoming ESL teacher in China. I have a bachelor's from Tufts in computer science with a minor in Chinese. I have experience in journalism and algorithms, with interests in sports and nutrition.


  • 2048 Game

    2048 Assignment

    An assignment with the goal of using A* Search to solve the game 2048 efficiently, built for COS 226 (Data Structures and Algorithms) at Princeton University

    Assignment Specifications

  • Robots Logo

    Self-Assembling Robots Algorithm

    An implementation of an algorithm for the reconfiguration of self-assembling modular robots, built for the Tufts Computational Geometry Research Lab

    Presentation Slides

  • App Logo

    Daily Weight Mobile App

    An iOS and Android app for monitoring adherence to weight-loss diets, built for the Energy Metabolism Lab in the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center

    App Overview and Pictures


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